Mechanics Over Mastery

This site isn’t about becoming a master player of any game – well not directly.

We don’t deal in tactics, strategy or optimizing your play. We don’t seek to instruct you on the best way to play any game. There is no way we could undertake such a cause. Mastering any game depends on the game.

This site focuses on Learning the Game. Learning how to get started playing. Getting started on something can often be difficult. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you haven’t seen someone play the game before. That’s what this site is about. Learning the rules. Learning the mechanics. Learning how to play. But learning how to play is, in fact, the first step on the road to mastery. So in a way, this is about teaching mastery of any game you play.

Mintues to Learn, a Lifetime to Master
That phrase was a tagline for the game Othello (aka Reversi), whose ads ran on TV when I was growing up. I begged to get an Othello set of my own. One Christmas Morning, there it was under the tree. I still have that exact game. It’s true. Even complex and layered games can be simple to learn yet take a lifetime to master. Games aren’t always hard to learn. What is often hard about learning a new game is learning how to learn the game.

Simple is a Foundation for Complex
Think back to a time when you were younger. Think about how you learned about some of the first games you learned. It wasn’t so much that you were learning how to play the specific game. It was that you were learning about the convention of games. You were learning about how the system of games work – dice, cards, counters, markers, moving forward 2 spaces, going back 4 spaces. You were learning the exchange of games. The exchange between you and fate (in the case of games of chance). The exchange between you and your skills. The exchange between you and your fellow players.

Learning games in early life lays the foundation for how to play games as you go through life. Even the simplest of games teach us about things that we’ll need to apply in both more complex games and in our lives in general.

Tic tac toe teaches us to strategize. It teaches eye-hand co-ordination (play with a kid who is just learning to write & you’ll see what I mean). It also teaches futility (watch Wargames to get that one.) All those skills developed playing basic games in our youth create a foundation for those higher level games you will encounter later.

Not Just Simple Games
With all this talk of simple games, don’t get the sense that we are only going to deal with simple games here. We will cover the gamut of gaming from simple to complex. We will cover games that, at first, seem simple but run much deeper. We will cover games that are several hundred pages of rules and content and yet the gameplay is straight-forward and (almost) simple.

So, this site does not set out to teach you how to become a master at any game…but maybe by learning new games, we are teaching the players how to be masters at playing games of all types.

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