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Card Games A Plenty

So where do you learn new card games? If you’re like me, you learn them from friends and family. There are certain card games that I associate with a particular time or place. Peanuts (our version of Nerts or Racing Demon) is & always will be the game of the beach and my cousins. Egyptian Ratscrew will forever be the game of one particular 80’s summer spent playing at the Laurel, MD City Pool. I brought it to my card playing cousins and they took to it as well – “Slap on in!”

Often card games are spur of the moment activities. You don’t get much time to put into exploring options and learning the rules. With the  explosion of Internet connected devices, you can now keep up with the unexpected chance to teach some friends or family a new game. Pull out your tablet or smartphone and bring up the rules from the Web.

You could certainly Google the name of the game you want to learn, but there are some problems with that:

  1. Name of the Game – many card games go by different names so they can be somewhat hard to track down.
  2. Needle in a Haystack – just searching for a good site to learn to play a specific card game can be a daunting proposition. And the variety of non-card game sites that come up when you search for “Knock You Neighbor” or “Sergeant Major” would make you think you had remembered the name incorrectly.

What we need is a site that has card game rules. A site that shows you how many players a given game is good for. A site that shows how many cards are needed to play. Do you think there is a site that provides all that?

That site is You can learn every kind of card game there – from Abyssinia to Zwickern. It really is a very good resource for learning new card games or even brushing up on games you’ve been playing for years. You will likely discover that the published version of the rules is slightly different than the game you play in your circles.

For instance, in my family’s version of Peanuts, instead of just starting with 4 cards in the Work Pile, we deal out a 5 column Solitaire hand for each player. This summer I am going to introduce the Nerts version and see how it goes. Our Peanuts games are crazy fast already so I think reducing the complexity of play for each person will only make things even more exciting. (We will have a video tutorial of our version of Peanuts later this summer).

Pagat isn’t the only page out there, but it is definitely one of the best and most in-depth. An alternative to Pagat is Wikipedia. If you know the name or one of the common alternate names of a game there is likely a page for it on Wikipedia (See Nerts or Egyptian Ratscrew) . As a bonus, if you have an alternate rule or set of rules, you can submit those and add to the entry for your chosen game.

Happy dealing & get out there and learn a new game!

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